2012. november 22., csütörtök


Our handmade wedding!

Above you can see our wedding invitation card made by me 
and a photo made by my friend, Andrea Brenner

Our wedding was in a beautiful old fashioned restaurant
There is a big, old walnut tree, which was my inspiration. 
Tree words can describe our wedding: nature-love, pom-poms and chocolate. :)

 This was our Best Wishes Tree instead of a wedding guestbook.

Our thank you gifts were little handmade boxes with some tulip bulbs in it.
(Why tulip bulbs? Because my husband propose to me at Amsterdam.)

This was the happiest day of my life.
He is my turning page.

2012. augusztus 1., szerda

Kockacukor / Lump sugar

A children's book illustrated by me coming soon! (Written by Tünde Bencs)
A story about a little pony (called: Kockacukor / Lump sugar) who doesn't want to be a pony, a story about friendship, adventure and love.